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Voice Over Rates – Free Voice Over Rate Quote – Anthony Reece

Today more than ever, there is NO real standard voice over rate sheet for talent to use when quoting all clients projects. The fact is EVERY project differs from a several radio commercial package, to multiple telephone greetings, cartoon characters for a pilot, a student film, or voices for a children’s e-learning product. The bottom line no two media projects are the same.

As a Non-Union talent, Anthony offers his rates based on the details and budget allocated for each project. Anthony will consider your proposed budget, OR offer a custom quote in return after submission of the form below.

Anthony Reece offers his clients a rate and budget proposal for his voice work, character voices and narrations. Only YOU know the true budget you have available for your project. So instead of offering a custom rate quote in all situations, Anthony allows you to simply offer a fair genuine rate for his voice over services below too. If not accepted, he will offer you a free custom quote in return.

Your Rate Request Process is Simple and Fast!
 Decide which type of voice over service you require.
2) Share the length of the voice over, number of clips, or number of pages to be narrated.
3) Fill out the entire “Project Profile Form” below and share your project details.
4) Offer a REALISTIC budget for the requested work.
5) Anthony will contact you within 2 – 3 hours by email or phone to confirm your rate offered is acceptable, and if not he will offer a counter rate for the proposed project based giving you the opportunity to accept the new rate.

In most cases, a client rate is accepted IF it is realistic based on the scope of the work.

Ready? Use the form below and once you accept his service rate, Anthony can schedule your desired voice over work. It could be delivered in little as 24-hours.

(please no "-" dashes only numbers)
(will remain confidential)
(total voice over time)
(when you want work done)
(parts anthony will voice)
(general media type)
(planned distribution)
(realistic project budget)