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Anthony Reece is well known in the wii, ps4, xbox and global gaming community for his unique ability to offer several game character voices from a single voice actor.

Misc Gaming Demo

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Many game titles, audio-books, and children’s e-learning software products in the market today, include multiple voices created and supplied by Anthony alone. Add him to your next gaming title as one of your game voice talent.

Dialogue Demo 1

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If you’re creating a new gaming title, new e-learning tool, online game, Anthony can likely deliver most of the game voices and gaming character voices required. Even further he can assist you in directing other game voice talent

Dialogue Demo 2

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His game voices range from war soldiers, and battle warriors, to slashers, monsters and creatures, along with child friendly cartoon style character voices for pre-school and tween, to young children gaming products.

Creatures Voice Demo

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Whether it is a large gaming title, or a small independent title, or e-learning product, Anthony will strive to work within your project budget as your game voice over artist. he also specializes in monsters, and creatures.

Dark Voices Demo

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