App Character Voices for Android, iPhone and Cellphones

More Than Another Voice Over Talent. A Voice Artist!

iPhone, Android and Smartphone APP Voice Overs

Since 2007, Anthony has become very experienced as a ringtone developer launching his own ringtone product VTones. This knowledge assures your company is working with a character voice talent who understands the application of voices into cell-phone apps, as well as apps for android and apple i phones.

Whether you need voice overs for a adult app, educational app, or a new game app, Anthony can deliver your voice over clips edited as single files ready to use within your app software

Cellphone Apps and Web Application Character Voices

If you’re creating cell phone app, or a web based application and need voice overs for your project. Anthony offers unique, fun character voices, or professional voice over clips for your smartphone project. Whether a holiday application, or business app,  Anthony can deliver your phone app, or web app content by email as a .mp3, .m4p, or wav file for use in android or iphone environments.

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Produced Ring Tones, Answer Tones, and Call Tones Character Voices

Along with his application character voices and voice overs, Anthony also offers ring back tone and ring tone voices for cellular phone services. Partnering with Anthony for ring backs or ringtone content can enhance your bottom line, offering fun, creative call tones to your customer base. Ask about his ring back tone character voices today.

Keep in mind, Anthony offers fully produced ring tones like those heard on his ringtone service Get VTones